Vertel jouw verhaal rond drang en dwang in onderwijs- en jeugdzorgland


Hai, ik ben Ingrid Verkuil, auteur van het boek 'Mogen zijn wie je bent, dat is geluk!'  Ik droom van een inclusieve samenleving, waarin niemand wordt buitengesloten en waar voorzichtig wordt omgegaan met het labelen van kinderen. 


Ouders met een kind dat zich anders ontwikkelt dan de norm, krijgen in Nederland steeds vaker te maken met drang en dwang. Er is veel onrecht in het spel en onrechtvaardigheid is nou net iets waar ik niet tegen kan. 

In mijn tweede boek wil ik ouders en/of kinderen hun verhaal laten vertellen. Wil jij jouw verhaal hierin kwijt? Het kan geheel anoniem!


Jouw bijdrage zorgt ervoor dat we samen sterker staan!





Hoe kun je mee doen?

1. Je schrijft zelf jouw verhaal en mailt mij dit

2. Of je laat je interviewen door mij en ik schrijf jouw verhaal


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Neurological differences like autism or ADHD are considerd to be disfunctional, disorders, disabilities under the medical model of mental health. Ther is too little attention given to enabling people with neurologically different minds to be accepted for themselves. To discover and celebrate their strengths. And to find a place in society that values their differences. When most of us think of diversity we think of things like race or sexual orientation. But there's a different kind of diversity you might not know about: neurodiversity.

Neurodiversity is the concept that neurological differences among people shout be recognized and respected. I believe it's time for this new social movement, the neurodiversity movement, to take off.

6.1 million children agend 2 - 17 have been diagnosed with ADHD in the U.S.

1 in 59 children are identified with autism spectrum disorder.

Neurodiversity is a part of our genetics and of our evolution as a species.The genes for autism and ADHD are not errors, but rather are the result of variations in the human genome that have and will continue to have advantages for society.

One of the genes associated with ADHD, the DRD4 gene, is known as the novelty seeking gene. It arrived on the human evolutionary scene over 10.000 years ago. Genes associated with autism also go back more than 10.000 years. Research suggests that genetic variants linked to autism might have been positively selected during human evolution because they contribute to exceptional memory skills, heightened perception in vision, taste, and smell, a precise eye for detail, and an enhanced understanding of systems such as animal behavior. These characteristics likely remain in the gene pool today because they are still advantageous.

As a psychologist advising the parents of differently wired kids, I tell parents they have a choice between trying to change the child to fit the environment and changing the environment to fit the child. There are many different microhabitats and 'sub-cultures' in our world.

For an individual with autism or ADHD, finding success on their own terms may come from discovering the particular niche that fits best. The niche that allows their strengths to shine and their challenges to be minimized.

Individuals with ADHD tend to thrive in situations of rapid change, variety, and that reward creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. A career as a comedian, detective, entrepreneur, journalist, actor, EMT technician, or photographer could be. 

I'm not saying that having autism or ADHD is easy. And I don't mean to downplay the real suffering that can be caused by having a neurodevelopmental condition, disability, or difference. But it's also time the world sees the beauty and value in brain differences. Neurodiversity might be everybit as crucial for the human race as biodiversity is for life in general. My vision is for a neurodiversity-tolerant and accepting society where differences are celebrated for the depth and dimension they bring to the human condition.

I want children whose brains are wired diffently to be encourged to find their niche instead of changing to fit other people's ideas of normal.

Diversity in every sense makes our world a better place, and people who think differently are a huge past of that.






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